Our ethical story is your ethical story...

It began with a realisation.

Not every product can be ethical. You can’t grass feed a Smeg Kettle or produce an organic iPhone. Even renewable energies rely on mineral extraction and intensive industry. So, how can we really build an ethical economy?

As a team of conscientious entrepreneurs, we set ourselves a mission – build a community platform where every click is a force for good. While we can’t change the fact that consumer goods have social and environmental impacts, we can give our community the tools they need to mitigate those impacts, all while having fun.

So, we built ClickPlay

ClickPlay is a global movement for conscientious consumption aiming to link every online interaction to positive impacts. With ClickPlay every purchase can be an ethical purchase, every Click can be a force for good and every win is a win for humanity.

Our community can purchase and win a wide range of goods and prizes. Each purchase made or prize won by our members translates into real world, positive and measurable impacts.

And, because we love our community and want to say thanks, our platform also comes with a wide range of entertainment, apps and features that make saving the world more entertaining than ever before.

Every prize draw entered, every click in every game, every movie watched or song sung along to means real-world impacts. We’re building the world we want to see one click at a time.

Are you ready to join us?